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Southeast Speciality Flooring Company

With polished concrete, You will get the perfect blend of durability and instant beauty, usability and artistic appeal, ease of maintenance, and an enhanced appearance.

Industrial Floor Polishing

Commercial Floor Polishing

Transform the Look of Your Floors

Your property’s flooring needs to meet certain criteria. And with polished concrete, you’re getting the perfect blend of durability and instant beauty, usability and artistic appeal, ease of maintenance and an enhanced appearance.

The missing component in several buildings is polished concrete. And to put that last puzzle piece in place, our expert and experienced team is here.

Our Recent Projects

We’ve improved hundreds of businesses with a vibrant, functional concrete floor. Take a look at some of our recent projects and discover why you should be next.

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Concrete Polishing

Give your floor a high-gloss finish with concrete polishing. Discover the cost savings, resistant to foot traffic, and low maintenance that comes with a superior polish.

Cabinet Refinishing

Trowel Polishing

Faster and less expensive, trowel polishing is a “game changer” to the concrete industry. Learn how you can keep high-quality work at a fraction of the cost.

Certified and Associated with Most Trusted Institutions

American Society of Concrete Contractors

American Concrete Institute

Concrete Polishing Council

About us

Southeast Specialty Flooring combines excellent customer service with quality floor polishing. We’re experts in concrete polishing, and trowel polishing. With the right team by your side, you can have a floor that’ll present your eloquent choice.

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For more information about Southeast Speciality and our services in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida, and the surrounding area, contact us online or call 678-588-7447!

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Trust the experienced pros when it comes to polished concrete. You want a company that’ll deliver the best floor fast and effectively. Make the right choice for your floor polishing with Southeast Specialty Flooring.


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